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Sat, Feb 19 2022 9:00 AM EDT Wed, Feb 23 2022 6:00 PM EDT

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The Metaphysical Understanding of Sound Therapy is a college level program with 3 instructors

This program is only offered online to 11 new students at a time

Presented over ZOOM (this didactic is only given online)

The 2022 program includes Howard Barry Schatz, author, computer specialist, classically trained composer, and music theorist, has spent the last 40 years deciphering the riddles within monotheism’s oldest and most mysterious sacred text, the Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation). These are the only writings attributed to the great patriarch Abraham by the Orthodox Jewish community, and within that community they are the seminal writings on monotheism and Kabbalah. Howard is the author of 2 books: The Science of Religion and The Lost Word of God. Joining Howard is Kalpana Parekh, a trained Music Therapist in India; and director of Wellness Around the World. She has a Masters degree in Social Work from Columbia University and is a licensed clinical social worker; musician and singer. Kalpana will open the world of Indian Music, and with her mother, Vasanti Parekh wiill perform Raga live, offering a multi generational aspect to this program. Archeomusicologist, Ethnomusicologist and explorer Mitch Nur, PhD is one of North America's oldest practicing Sound Therapist's, Researcher and Teachers. Called the 'Indiana Jones of Sound Healing' an authority on over 100 indigenous sound instruments, author, and international speaker. Joining Mitch is Mallika Paratosh and Zeny Bagatsing Ogrisseg who have brought their research into the Sacred Feminine and Vedic studies into the Metaphysical Timeline. This esteemed faculty will offer clear instructions, and insights from over a century of personal research and experience combined.

In a nutshell, this program looks at the foundations of Sound Therapy from the pre-Sumer, Babylonian, Kabbalah, Greek, Vedic, Arabic models, with a global historical timeline view, spanning 43,000 years. This years program for the first time, will include an examination of the Epistle on Magic of the Ihkwan al Safa as well as an expansion on Pythagoras and the culture around the Mediterranean at the time of Pythagoras that was introduced in the last presentation in 2021.

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