HiLight by the LakePerkasie, PA, United States


By 9ways Academia (other events)

Wed, Sep 1 2021 9:00 AM Thu, Sep 30 2021 12:00 PM

If you are interested in this program, please submit the coupon. All 'Transmission' style programs requires instructor approval. Information will be sent to you regarding registration.

Our Senior Instructor feels that this program is the most importent Transmission of our private academy. What to expect - nothing you have ever encountered in the 'soundwork arts'. For the first time, he will be offering a 'practice' based upon his relentless research on this instrument from the cultures it comes from, the Tantric Bonpo prayers that forge a connection to it's ancient past. Dr. Mitch is a Drup Shen Pa (Long Life) in a Yungdrung Bon Lineage and is regarded as a Nagpa in those cultures under examination. There will be early sessions (4:30am), silence, outdoor practice weather permitting along the lake.

There is no recommended books for this unique transmission, but these are recommended - Words of My Perfect Teacher, and Tantric Practice in Nyingma. Find used @ ABE Books or Amazon. The Shang is exclusive to adherents of Bon doctrines and in rituals by spirit mediums. The Phurba is used in various doctrines including shamanism. The 'worlds' of these 2 instruments is diverse and has been filtered or distilled by the instructor to render it comphrehensible. His long years of Field Studies in Nepal gives him a unique perspective from both secular and non secular viewpoints.

Bring a Mindfold or Eyecovering.

The total cost of the program is $1500, a deposit of $500 is required to hold your space in this unique Transmission. The remaining balance is due at check in.